Legal requirements, complex standards, cutthroat price competition and, to top it all, irritating bureaucracy – the worldwide railway business is a complicated affair. And because of this we sometimes forget the real fascination of the industry we have the privilege to work in …


PPI Rail solves the dilemma.

How do we do it? Easy: we procure and supply components for rail vehicles. Worldwide, reliably and fast. Offering our customers one-stop shopping for all-round solutions. The result is less organisation on your part, enabling you to enjoy a more efficient procurement process.

  • - We are uncompromisingly committed to quality and base our reputation on it.
  • - We don't annoy our customers with thousands of queries, but solve their problems.
  • - With our network we are present worldwide and always close to our customers.
  • - Every customer has a central contact person, who takes care of everything and ensures smooth projects.
  • - Fairness, trust and genuine partnership are more important to us than the routine courtesy people learn at business seminars.

For our customers this means less stress and more efficiency. And more enjoyment of one of the world's most exciting industries.